Visual & Performing Arts

Our Visual Art programs begin in Lower School with weekly Art instructions and skill building lessons.  Students enjoy an hour of dedicated Art instruction each week where they can explore different mediums and styles, color, shape, line and shade, learning with authentic art techniques to develop a connection with their inner artist; examples are used many times throughout the lessons, including art history and an introduction to various artists.  

In Middle and Upper School, students can choose to continue art classes, furthering the lessons from Lower School and developing their innate skills.  Students are encouraged to explore their personal expression and get critical feedback on the evolution of their style.  Various classes will be offered, such as Mixed Media, Illustration, Painting, Figure Drawing, or Art History as one year builds upon the next furthering their artistic pursuits.  We also offer a variety of advanced courses to further their artistic passions ranging from AP Drawing, AP Art and Design, AP 3D and AP Photography.  

At the Palm Valley School art department, we encourage students of all ages to be a part of the larger desert community and be involved in the many competitions that our desert offers.  In doing so, we’ve had winners in the Palm Springs Holiday Banner Contest, the Sunline Bus