School Sound Upgrades

Help us reach our goal!

Can You Hear Our Need?

Every morning, we hold a school assembly at the Lower School. During this time, our students make important announcements for the day. We are teaching them public speaking, leadership and poise. 

Every student is affected by our need for upgraded sound and lighting equipment. From our talent shows, theater productions and poetry recitals, to our ASB dances, Veterans’ Day, Spring & Winter Sing, and even our graduation / promotion events – they all need quality sound this year.

Each semester, our kids bravely volunteer to show off their skills in music, drama, English and more. They follow their passion and they take on advanced tasks, but the audience can’t hear them as the sound goes in and out… As a parent, can you hear our need for new sound?

This year, we are asking parents to help us raise the $30,000 we need to support our students with new equipment that will allow theater, school assemblies and other major events to have the quality of sound our students deserve. 

With your help, we can make this happen. This year – not next year, hear our need for new school sound!

All of your donations made here will be strictly for the purpose of improving our sound and lighting quality.

Can you help us with a modest monthly donation?

Other Ways to Give

The Annual Fund

Every independent school has an Annual Fund. It is an essential part of keeping independent schools alive in the modern world.

The Firebird Gala

The Annual Firebird Gala is one of the most exciting events of the year. This evening of dining, dancing and auctioneering is the one time that all of our parents gather to celebrate the community they have built.

Grandparents Who Give

Grandparents have a special relationship with grandchildren. Among the most important relationships we have, the love that grandchildren share with their grandparents is profound. Free from the pressure to raise and provide for a family, grandparents often give the quiet nurturing and special attention that children need.

Monthly Supporters Club

Join our Monthly Supporters Club, where for only a dollar per day, you can help Palm Valley reach its goal of 100% participation.

The Great Tuition Raffle

Outside of winning the lottery, Palm Valley’s Free Tuition Raffle is one of the most exciting raffles a person can enter. Parents (or grandparents) can purchase tickets on behalf of a student.