Palm Valley’s Private Preschool serves students from Toddlers (18 months to 3 years old), through Preschool (2 years old to 3.5 years old), and into Pre-K (3.5 years old to 4.5 years old). We offer a nurturing and progressive approach to ensure that children have an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to reach their highest potential. Using children’s natural curiosity as a foundation, our qualified staff provide opportunities for children to explore the world around them. We provide a happy, safe, and encouraging environment where we expose children to literature, music, physical activity, drama, art, and science. We also introduce many readiness activities needed for developing reading and math skills.

Early Childhood Development

Our teachers use developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to encourage students to participate in activities that foster their independence, encourage appropriate social behavior, and develop language skills. Students learn to reason, question, and experiment. Teachers encourage children to work independently to develop their natural abilities, and in small groups so they can learn cooperation and the value of other children’s thoughts and feelings.

We also believe in outdoor play as a cornerstone of our curriculum. As such, our week includes two Outdoor days (Mondays and Fridays) where students are encouraged to dig, run, water play, explore, and more in our spacious outdoor spaces for each age group. 

Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is being introduced to our students at an early age. Project-Based learning involves teaching through engaging topics that allow the integration of meaningful learning in all content areas while also supporting development across multiple domains. Our Preschool has monthly themes and within those themes our curriculum is student-driven by exploration and investigation. Our teachers will help navigate and guide our students through the process of PBL. 

Bring your child in for a tour of our facility! Contact our Admissions Director to set up a tour.