Middle School


The Palm Valley Private Middle School years are a defining period for students as they transition from childhood into adolescence. Here at Palm Valley, our students experience a brilliant balance of joyful and rigorous learning, challenge and security, arts and athletics, personal and social development, and individualized attention with careful effort to nurture autonomy and competence. By offering a variety of course electives, clubs, sports, outdoor education, and service-learning experiences, our students grow to understand who they are and where they want to go. With the Palm Valley Mission and Values in mind, the whole of every Middle School Student is honored and their uniqueness is celebrated.

Creating A Positive Learning Environment

At Palm Valley, we aim to create a learning environment that is:

Challenging – Recognize that every student can learn and that they are held to a high standard

Responsive – Understand the developmental nature of young adolescents and take advantage of the many learning opportunities it brings

Empowering – Provide the students with the tools and resources they need to become enabled and prepared for higher education

Fun – Students will properly engage when they understand what they are learning is important and it is delivered in a creative and meaningful manner

Students will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to nurturing positive relationships, demonstrating competence, asserting their autonomy, and finding joy in growing up. Our Middle School embraces a Humanistic approach as it fosters facilitative Teacher-Student relationships which is characterized by care, empathy, flexibility, and support, while not compromising the importance of accountability. Participation in our Advisory Program will provide the tools the students need to uphold these commitment goals throughout their years in Middle School. 


Pick Up and Drop Off Times: Monday 8:45am-2:20pm, Tues-Friday 8:45am-3:15pm

Additional information regarding the policies of the Palm Valley Middle School can be found in the Handbook for Students and Families. Please email Mr. Scott Winter, Head of Middle and Upper School at [email protected] with any questions.

Bring your child in for a tour of our facility! Contact our Admissions Director to set up a tour.