High School


In the High School, students continue the goal of living the Palm Valley mission and values.  We strive to provide students with an exceptional learning community, where they are nurtured and challenged to reach their academic potential for excellence.  Our values of individual attention to students, inspiring, passionate, and innovative teaching, inquiry and exploration, academic, artistic, and athletic growth, trust, respect, and partnership, diversity, and responsibility to self and others, guides all of our curriculum and programming in the high school.

College Prep Curriculum

Palm Valley Private High School provides every student with the opportunity to meet their specific post-secondary goals. While we recognize that not all students have the same college goals, we want our students to be qualified, competitive college applicants, giving them the most opportunity and choice when it comes to the college admission process. For this reason, our curriculum is college-preparatory, and our requirements for graduation are higher than the state requirements.  Palm Valley School recommends all High School students take a full schedule of core subjects, including English, Math, Social Sciences, World Language, and Science each year. The Director of College Counseling and the Head of the Upper School work with each individual student and their family, to make educational choices that reflect both the student’s interests and passion, and move them toward their post-secondary goals.

Our Advisory program in the High School is geared toward personal growth and learning, as well as the college admission process. Students are encouraged to investigate topics of personal interest, character, their learning style, study skills, and having a growth mindset. College application topics, such as essay writing, financial aid, and interest inventories are woven into the advisory time so that families have a foundation from which to build when the application process starts in earnest in the senior year.

We look forward to working in partnership with students and their families to create the most challenging and nurturing educational environment possible for the Upper School.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times: Monday 8:45am-2:20pm, Tuesday-Friday 8:45am-3:15pm

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