College Counseling


In keeping with the values of Palm Valley School, our college counseling program emphasizes exploration and personal growth. Working individually with the Director of College Counseling, and in small groups during Advisory, students will come to articulate their motivation for higher learning as well as identify their academic, artistic, and athletic goals.

College Planning Process

We start the college planning process as early as middle school. As students transition to 9th grade, we emphasize the importance of exploring interests and in 10th grade, we encourage students to dive into their passions with renewed focus. In 11th grade, students begin meeting with the Director of College Counseling individually to search for programs that are uniquely suited to their interests, goals, and strengths. Students will develop a college list, make a standardized testing plan, refine their resumes, and begin visiting colleges. During senior year, students meet regularly with the Director of College Counseling and in Advisory to master every step of the college application process. Regular communication to families through email, school meetings, and Naviance software keeps everyone abreast of deadlines, school visits, and decisions.

Throughout a family’s time in the High School, they are advised on appropriate coursework, academic rigor, standardized testing, and extracurricular involvement in keeping with a student’s personal goals. Our comprehensive counseling program includes college tours, on-campus visits and fairs, test prep guidance, essay support, and financial aid literacy.

Palm Valley School utilizes Naviance, a college and career readiness software provider that partners with colleges and universities to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. In addition to facilitating the application process, Naviance provides a Document Library for families to access numerous helpful timelines, forms, and FAQs.

The class of 2023 achieved 100% acceptance into colleges and universities all over the United States. The full listing of college acceptances over the last five years, as well as school achievements, is available on our College Profile.


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