Campus Life


Athletics is an integral part of the Palm Valley School experience. Every season our student-athletes gain lifelong lessons in the value of competition, perseverance, hard work, and the true meaning of teamwork. We encourage students to try a new sport or activity that pushes them beyond their comfort zone. Students participating in school athletics are more connected to school and community life which results in better academic results and engagement at school.

Visual & Performing Arts

Our Visual Art programs begin in Lower School with weekly Art instructions and skill building lessons. Students enjoy an hour of dedicated Art instruction each week where they can explore different mediums and styles, color, shape, line and shade, learning with authentic art techniques to develop a connection with their inner artist; examples are used many times throughout the lessons, including art history and an introduction to various artists.

Activites & clubs

Students are encouraged to find their passion beyond the academic curriculum. To support this, the Middle School and High School offer a variety of clubs for students to explore. Teacher advisors and coaches work to organize a schedule so clubs can meet during lunch, and so students can pursue their interests while attempting to avoid conflicts with commitments outside of the school day.

Spirit store

The Palm Valley Spirit Store is located behind the Spirit Cafe, adjacent to the gymnasium and across from the Team Room. The Spirit Store is run and maintained by the Parent Association and is where students and families can purchase used uniforms for school wear and a variety of spirit related items!