Palm Valley’s Private Preschool serves students from Toddlers (18 months to 3 years old), through Preschool (2 years old to 3.5 years old), and into Pre-K (3.5 years old to 4.5 years old). We offer a nurturing and progressive approach to ensure that children have an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to reach their highest potential. Using children’s natural curiosity as a foundation, our qualified staff provide opportunities for children to explore the world around them. We provide a happy, safe, and encouraging environment where we expose children to literature, music, physical activity, drama, art, and science. We also introduce many readiness activities needed for developing reading and math skills.


The years spent in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are some of the most important, as they establish a strong foundation in academics, Global citizenship, character, and social-emotional intelligence. Palm Valley’s Private Elementary School (K-5) offers a program that develops students in these areas through a safe, nurturing environment that seeks to encourage students to become active, lifelong learners. Our K-5th graders enjoy daily physical education class, Technology Class twice a week, Music Class twice a week, Spanish Language Class twice a week and Art Class once a week – with teachers who specialize in each subject.

Middle School

The Palm Valley Private Middle School years are a defining period for students as they transition from childhood into adolescence. Here at Palm Valley, our students experience a brilliant balance of joyful and rigorous learning, challenge and security, arts and athletics, personal and social development, and individualized attention with careful effort to nurture autonomy and competence. By offering a variety of course electives, clubs, sports, outdoor education, and service-learning experiences, our students grow to understand who they are and where they want to go. With the Palm Valley Mission and Values in mind, the whole of every Middle School Student is honored and their uniqueness is celebrated.

High School

In the High School, students continue the goal of living the Palm Valley mission and values.  We strive to provide students with an exceptional learning community, where they are nurtured and challenged to reach their academic potential for excellence.  Our values of individual attention to students, inspiring, passionate, and innovative teaching, inquiry and exploration, academic, artistic, and athletic growth, trust, respect, and partnership, diversity, and responsibility to self and others, guides all of our curriculum and programming in the high school.